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Our Services

Work with passion, play with gusto; Designers, craftspeople, and problem solvers. We are always on the move to build properly, address every problem expeditiously, and consciously design every home as if our children lived there.

Property Evaluation

We assess each property's condition to ensure safety while updating and enhancing it, ultimately benefiting the community and optimizing the property's value.

Tenant Selection

Our current system includes a personalized as well as formal highly vetted application process using a selective and detailed screening to find the most qualified resident for the property.

Financial Services

We have the chops to provide investors with comprehensive financial information about real estate investments. In addition to that, we are always open to sharing opportunities we are working on.

Value-Added Services

Whether you have questions about ways to cut down on high utility bills, purchasing a home, or delving into the complexities of 1031 exchanges, we provide an unparalleled depth of expertise that benefits both tenants and astute investors alike.

Reach out about future investment opportunities.

Investments are only available for accredited investors.


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